Elevate the ambiance of your space with the professional tile and grout cleaning services in Perth offered by Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth. Our adept team, armed with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, is here to banish the stubborn stains and discoloured grout lines plaguing your residential or commercial property. We excel in cleaning various tile materials including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone.

Our transparent pricing structure, based on a per square meter basis, ensures you get exceptional value. Witness your tiles and grout not just cleaned, but restored to a gleaming, aesthetically pleasing state.

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Are you struggling with stubborn stains, discoloured grout lines and lacklustre tiles in your residential or commercial property? Are you tired of ineffective DIY cleaning methods that fail to deliver the deep, lasting clean your surfaces deserve? Look no further – our professional tile and grout cleaning services in Perth, WA, are here to transform your space. With a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we are committed to delivering outstanding results for both domestic and commercial clients.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Perth provides tile & grout pressure cleaning services on a per square meter basis, ensuring a transparent and straightforward pricing structure for our clients.

Clean and gleaming tiles and grout can make a world of difference in the appearance and ambiance of your residential or commercial property. However, over time, dirt, grime and bacteria can accumulate on these surfaces, causing them to look worn and unappealing. While DIY cleaning methods may seem like a cost-effective solution, they often fall short in providing the deep, thorough clean that only professional services can achieve. Moreover, conventional cleaning products can contain harsh chemicals that may damage your tiles and grout over time.

We are well-versed in cleaning various tile materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. We use advanced cleaning techniques and cutting-edge equipment to deliver optimal results without causing damage or discolouration. Our high-pressure steam cleaning method penetrates deep into the pores of your tiles and grout, effectively removing all traces of dirt, bacteria, and allergens. This not only improves the appearance of your surfaces but also contributes to a healthier living or working environment.

Aside from commercial carpet cleaning, as well as tile & grout cleaning, we also provide rug and upholstery steam cleaning services.

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Our professional cleaning service is designed to restore your tile and grout surfaces to their original shine and freshness, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment. To achieve this, we employ a six-step cleaning process that guarantees optimal results. Below is an overview of the steps involved in our tile and grout cleaning procedure.

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    Tile & Grout Assessment. The tile cleaning technician inspects the area in need of cleaning, gathering all pertinent information during the floor examination.
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    Pre-Cleaning Sweep. The area to be cleaned undergoes either vacuuming or dry sweeping before proceeding with hot water pressure cleaning and extraction. This step may not always be required.
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    Application Of Cleaning Solution. Based on the tile and grout’s condition and type, a suitable cleaning agent is chosen and applied to the area targeted for restoration.
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    Agitation. If needed, agitation is performed on tiles and particularly grout lines.
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    Hot Water Pressure Cleaning. Employing the robust truck-mounted ‘PROCHEM Blazer XL Hot Water Extraction System’, tiles and grout lines undergo pressure cleaning while simultaneously capturing and extracting dirty water into a holding/waste tank located in the van.
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    Drying Process. ‘Quick dry’ air movers are installed when necessary. However, it should be noted that utilizing air movers to hasten the drying process may not always be required.
Van mounted machine used for professional tile and grout hot water pressure cleaning in Perth.


Our professional tile and grout cleaning services can address a wide range of common issues, ensuring that your tiled surfaces are clean, hygienic, and visually appealing. Some of the most prevalent problems that our services can tackle include:

Over time, dirt and grime accumulate on tile surfaces and within the grout lines, leading to a dull and dirty appearance. Foot traffic, spills, and everyday use contribute to this accumulation. Regular cleaning methods, such as sweeping and mopping, may not be sufficient to remove all the dirt and grime, especially from porous grout lines. Our high pressure steam and extraction units will effectively dislodge and remove accumulated dirt and grime, leaving your tiles looking clean and refreshed. See photo examples on this page.

Bathrooms and other areas with high moisture levels are prone to mold and mildew growth, particularly in grout lines. Soap scum can also build up on tiles and grout, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Our professional tile and grout cleaning services utilize hot water pressure cleaning in conjunction with specialized cleaning solutions to effectively remove mold, mildew, and soap scum. This not only restores the appearance of your tiles but also helps maintain a healthier environment.

In commercial as well as domestic kitchens, grease and oil from cooking can splatter onto tiles and grout lines, creating a stubborn, sticky residue. Over time, this residue can attract more dirt and grime, leading to an unsightly and unhygienic surface. Our professional tile and grout cleaners address this issue by applying alkaline and acid based cleaners along hot water extraction to break down and remove grease and oil, restoring the clean and sanitary conditions of your kitchen tiles.

Hard water can cause calcium and mineral deposits to form on tile surfaces and grout lines, resulting in unsightly white or chalky residue. These deposits can be difficult to remove with standard cleaning methods. We utilize specialized cleaning solutions, such as acid-based cleaners, to dissolve and remove calcium and mineral deposits without damaging the tile or grout.

During tile installation or renovation, excess cement or grout can be left on the tile surface, creating a hazy film known as grout haze or cement smear. This can be difficult to remove using standard cleaning methods, particularly on textured or porous tiles. We are capable in applying appropriate cleaning agents to safely and effectively remove cement and grout smears without damaging the tile surface.

Transit wax is a protective coating applied to some tiles during manufacturing to prevent damage during transportation and handling. This wax must be removed before sealing or finishing the tiles. This service involves using professional-grade wax removal solutions and how water pressure techniques to strip the transit wax, ensuring the tiles are ready for proper sealing and maintenance.

The presence of excess salts and minerals in water can lead to migration of salts to the surface of porous materials. A white, powdery residue is formed on the surface as water evaporates. Tiles that are more prone to efflorescence include: terracotta tiles, natural stone, concrete tiles. While porcelain and ceramic tiles are generally less porous and less susceptible to efflorescence, it can still occur, particularly in the grout lines or if the tiles are not properly installed. In such cases, the efflorescence may be caused by moisture in the setting materials or the substrate.


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