Three Tips On Maintaining Clean Office Carpets!

Your office flooring is one of the major investments by cleaning it regularly you can maintain its new look. Even though the office will be cleaned every day, there will be hidden stains, dust, and dirt remains on the carpet. The most appropriate way to clean carpet tiles in your office is, hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning service.

They provide expert and premium quality service by using appropriate products and equipment for the best results.

Here are a few tips that help you to clean, maintain, and extend the life of your office carpet.

Vacuum daily

Girt and dirt will develop both inside and outside of your carpet due to foot traffic. The germs present in it may act like sandpaper and damages your carpet fabric. By this, it will tear quickly.  To defend your carpet from damage vacuum regularly.

Maintain a regular plan such as for moderate foot traffic areas 2 to 3 times vacuuming per week is ideal and for high foot traffic regular vacuuming is a must to extend your carpet life.

Clean your carpets professionally on a regular basis

You can remove nearly 80 percent of debris and dust present in your carpet by vacuuming regularly. You cannot remove all the germs even by using the best cleaning vacuum equipment.

To properly take care of the remaining 20%, high foot traffic areas need a deep cleaning once every six months. Areas with medium foot traffic need to be cleaned at least 1 a year and the low foot traffic areas should ideally be cleaned one or two times in a year.


Be sure that the carpet is dry before use

Office carpets require some form of detergent and water during the cleaning procedure. After cleaning it carpet should be dried before use, otherwise moisture that remains in the carpet will attract dirt and likely stain your carpet quickly.

By hiring a proactive and committed commercial carpet cleaning team in Perth, you will address and rectify any problems that you may have when it comes to maintaining office carpets. Book an appointment with the best professional carpet cleaning service today to save your money in the long run by not having to replace your carpets.


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