How Often Should Cinema's Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?

The cinema carpets are usually much larger in size and therefore cleaning them regularly will not only be a difficult process but also expensive. However, in order to maintain the appearance of the cinema hall presentable, it will be necessary to clean the cinema carpet too.

Therefore, if you have to hire any carpet cleaning company like Perth carpet cleaner then you need to consider the following 5 factors:

Cinema schedules

Cinema schedules will have the primary role to decide the frequency of carpet cleaning and therefore it will be important to note the number of times in a week or in a month where cinema shows will be held.

In case the cinema show is not held too frequently then 2 to 3 days a week will be sufficient and if the show is held frequently then you have to clean the carpet more regularly.

Cleaning method

You can adopt many different methods to clean the cinema carpet however the most common method used is dry cleaning or steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning can be more effective and a costlier method too as compared to dry cleaning.

Carpet type

Carpets may be available in many different types depending upon the type of fabric used. Therefore, there is no common method used for all kinds of cinema halls.

For thick carpets, the frequency of cleaning will be lesser in comparison with any standard carpets. The color of the carpet also can influence the frequency of cleaning.

Cinema size

If your cinema hall is much smaller then the cleaning of the carpet will not be too labour-intensive.

On the contrary, if your cinema hall happens to be much bigger in size then it will be much expensive and time-consuming to keep the carpet clean. Therefore, in order to remain within the budget, your frequency of cleaning has to be reduced.

Snacks offered/allowed in the cinema

Also, depending upon the type of snacks that are offered within the cinema hall will also influence frequency as well as the method to adopt for cleaning the carpet. If you permit your clients to have dry and non-sticky food then it will be easier to clean.

However, if the foods that can produce stains that can stick with the carpet will need much thorough cleaning.

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